Autumn in Mongolia -23C. It may drop to -40C in the winter (self-pictured by SS, November 2006)29th October 2020 17:33 WIB    
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Lucia Toha Indonesia Indonesia
lulu Indonesia
rachmat Indonesia
Host Indonesia
andre Indonesia
kusuma Indonesia
hen Ambon
muna Indonesia
jenny Yogyakarta
fisna Indonesia
iwoel Indonesia
syamsudin Indonesia
ine Indonesia
irma Indonesia
lina leman Indonesia
ilham Indonesia
wuksri Indonesia
yoshuantari Indonesia
nungky Indonesia
priyatni Indonesia
setiawati Indonesia
idads Indonesia
raya Belgium
Setiadita Ina
Rangga Argentina
imung Indonesia
sutaryo Jakarta
Mega Indonesia
Mita munaf Indonesia
Jimana India
dining Indonesia
ali maimun Indonesia
enipur Indonesia
yusuf_mko Indonesia
yusuf_han Indonesia
gunawansolo Indonesia
dyta Yogyakarta
zunilda Indonesia
riana Yogyakarta
manjiri India
astrit Indonesia
wijayanti Indonesia
vian Indonesia
irfan Indonesia
alfinno Indonesia
semangat Indonesia
pidod Nusa-antara
wiedr4 Indonesia
Haryo N Indonesia

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